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Horace L. Gold—author under several pen names of over six million words in print of mystery stories, adventure, fantasy, and the (then) newest genre, science fiction—in 1950 became the founding editor of the celebrated Galaxy magazine. As one of the "big three" (Campbell, Boucher, Gold), his legendary editorial work for eight years, along with John W. Campbell's Astounding magazine, came to define the "Silver Age" of science fiction. Gold also recast the space opera leanings of the genre into "social science fiction" and far-reaching satire. David Rosheim in his book Galaxy: The Dark and the Light Years (Advent: Publishers, 1986) quotes Gold from a conversation stating "that he would not let his personal taste dictate the kind of stories he would print. He operated on a less personal level and would choose a story on the basis of how well it worked, if it clicked along, and got the reader somewhere. E.J. Gold continues that tradition in the new paperback series, E.J. Gold's Galaxy of Science Fiction & Fantasy.