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Horace L. Gold, E.J. Gold & Forry Ackerman c. 1976

E.J. Gold with Issue One of the New Galaxy

Issue Eight of the 1995 Galaxy

From Galaxy's first magazine issue in October, 1950, Galaxy's Founding Editor Horace L. Gold and his wife Evelyn Gold and son E.J. Gold were the driving force behind Galaxy's instant success.

Galaxy was one of the Big 3 -- Fantasy & Science Fiction (F&SF), Astounding and Galaxy were light-years ahead of the competition, and have remained so over the intervening half century of publishing in the genre.

Horace's wish was that Galaxy could transition from a monthly magazine with a "kill date" -- meaning newsstand sales that lasted only one month, after which the distributors would return the slashed covers of the unsold copies -- to a papaerback with a shelf life of forever, sold in bookstores and online.

He also wished mightily for smaller runs so storage of tens of thousands of copies were not added to the consumer cost.

One more hope that Horace had was that Galaxy would be largely reprint of classic stories, for two reasons; first, that those classics were no longer available but readers wanted them, and secondly that recent changes to the sci-fi fantasy marketplace have forced writers to write basically Harlequin romantic novels with plenty of sex and violence in order to meet the demands of the larger marketplace.

Real sci-fi and fantasy has never reached the Great Unwashed. Real science fiction is based on Hard Science, and real fantasy is based on serious fantasy themes. Blood & Guts Sex & Violence are very recent requirements of a very jaded semi-illiterate reading public, and arguably do not typically appeal to the competent literary reader, one who is well-grounded in literature, history, mythology, science and good grammar.

E.J. Gold's Galaxy of Science Fiction & Fantasy is very literary; it is real print on real paper, not downloaded verbiage on a tiny handheld electronic device. If you prefer the blood & guts sexual science-fantasy in which Giant Leaps of Logic occur whenever the author runs out of science, Galaxy is not for you.

Who does read Galaxy? Fans who want the Real Thing, and that means reprints of classic sci-fi and fantasy, by the very best authors, writing their stories when science fiction and fantasy were still fun to write and authors could write what they envisioned rather than what simply paid the bills.

We hope you enjoy the new Galaxy. We'll be issuing a new collection of short stories, novellas and novelets every other month.

You can subscribe yearly and save some money, but the cover price is a staggeringly low $24.95. Our production costs are actually quite high, because we use only the finest quality materials and it's printed in the U.S.A., not offshore.

Covers and interior artwork are by Editor/Art Director E.J. Gold, who is a world-famous artist who has painted backdrops for jazz greats Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Nancy Wilson, Scott Peterson, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight and many many more. He is the official painter of the International Association of Jazz Education and the Jazz Heritage Center in San Francisco. His work has appeared in many jazz venues including the B.B. King Blues Club and many more. Other artists whose work will appear in the pages of the new Galaxy are Needham, Dokk, Lin Larsen, Viko and other award-winning world-class sci-fi & fantasy artists.

E.J. Gold is the Lead Designer for GODD(tm) Videogames and has worked on Quake, Team Fortress, and other well-known online games as well as D&D board games co-produced with Claude Needham.